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Greg apologizes for the delay, folks--he's been a tad busy with book, work and family life lately.

Anyway... Delenn Athena Roelofs, Lyra's little sister, was born on 20 April 1999 at 12:35 PST (a full month early). She weighed in at a massive 6 pounds, 4.2 ounces (2.84 kg), was 19.5 inches (50 cm) long, and was absolutely bright red. She then proceeded to lose half a pound over the next two days, but by golly, she's healthy, cute and amazingly quiet! (Lyra is more than making up for that, though.) And quite the little eater, too.

Update 1999-05-03:   Delenn's first checkup was today; she's 13 days old and is up to 6 pounds, 9 ounces (2.98 kg). She does have a touch of jaundice but nothing to worry about, and she's really cute now. Greg will try to get some pictures of her ``serious face'' soon.

Here's the first set of scans; Greg didn't have time for more, and some of the early pictures are still waiting to be developed. These are all from her first three days and should answer the general questions about what she looks like. This will expand to multiple pages as Greg's schedule permits...

[lobster-baby gets checked out]

Here the doctor's checking her out, and Delenn is none too pleased. Looks like a lumpy little lobster, doesn't she?

[one BIG burrito]

That's one big burrito.

[Dad holds the burrito, but Mom's wiped]

Most of the family...but Mom is drugged into oblivion.

[or maybe it's a pupa...]

Maybe it's one of those pupa things...

[gotta love the little hat and mittens]

Gotta love the little hat and mittens, eh?

[snoozing with Mom]

Sleeping and eating, that's what we do best. Sometimes both.

[Grandma gets a happy face]

Grandma scores a happy face!

[Mom feels better the next day]

Mom feels better the next day.

There will be more--oh yes, there will be more.

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