Lyraluthuin Tristan Roelofs

Tahoe and Eugene

A slightly goofy family portrait (love that perm!):

[Mom, Dad and Lyra]

Auntie Sarah is not one of Lyra's favorite people.

[Lyra being held unhappily]

Foiled by Dr. Evil yet again!

[Lyra sitting inside a stool]

What a difference a mother can make...

[Lyra sitting next to Mom]   [Lyra sitting on Mom]

Sometimes she's the airplane...

[Lyra flying with Dad]   [Lyra flying with Mom]

...sometimes the luggage.

[Lyra in carryon box]   [Lyra at bottom of carryon box]

Oops, a crash. The airline industry's safety record isn't all it's cracked up to be:

[Lyra looking a little ill]   [Lyra on grass]

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