Lyraluthuin Tristan Roelofs


Jackson Hole in the dead of winter? Our wee heroine laughs in the face of Old Man Winter!

April Stats

As of 17 April 1997, Lyra is almost a year and a half old and seems to have topped out at 22.75 pounds (10.3 kg). She's 31.1 inches tall (79 cm), which means she's now short for her age. Then again, with her maternal genes, that was pretty much to be expected... (She's still got a fat little head, though!)


Here's Pop and his little Tart enjoying the balmy weather:

[Lyra and Dad in the snow]

The Snow Baby took a liking to a certain snow bunny:

[Lyra and white rabbit in stroller]

Lyra and Mr. Bun-bun are very close.

[Lyra hugging stuffed rabbit]

All the Latest Accessories

Lyra comes with a convenient carrying handle:

[Lyra dangling in her snowsuit]

When Lyra's down a couple of quarts, she hits that Dr. Pepper:

[Lyra and Dad with biiig gulp]

Go, Team!

Lyra's a Vikings fan, no two ways about it:

[Lyra in her Vikings running suit]

Uh oh...kick-off's in half an hour, and Lyra's stuck in traffic:

[the tiny Viking in her Vikingmobile]

Oh, serious harshness--she missed the first 15 minutes of the game! Lyra swears like a sailor:

[Lyra swearing like a sailor]

And the Vikes score again! The crowd goes wild as Green Bay is destroyed in the playoffs:

[Lyra signalling a touchdown]

Lyra goes on to contemplate Super Bowl strategy:

[Lyra looking serious]

Fashion Disaster

Dad's rosy-cheeked little cherub is momentarily stunned by the toxic effects of a dress:

[dressed-up Lyra looking dopey]

Chocolate-filled weaponry quickly snaps her out of it, however:

[dressed-up Lyra holding two candy quarterstaffs]

Next time Lyra gets wet. Stay tuned!

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