Lyraluthuin Tristan Roelofs

Dad Smells a Rat

Whoa, the DadMeister got busy for quite a few months there, but he's back at last and so is his tiny Pork Rind.

January Stats

As of 23 January 1997, 15-month-old Lyra is just about 22 pounds even (10.0 kg) and a dead-average 30.25 inches tall (77 cm). Her head remains inflated, but she's so darned cute...can anyone really blame her?

All Quiet on the Monterey Front?

Dad's little slug-bug takes a toll on Dad sometimes, too:

[slugs in the sack]

Boing! Back from the sack and ready for more action:

[Lyra's WIDE awake]

Good versus Evil

But Lyra is no match for the somnolent power of Slug Mom. Just look at her cackling evilly:

[Lyra zonked, Slug Mom triumphant]

Dad, on the other hand, uses his powers for Good:

[Lyra enjoying her elevated status]

See? Happier than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man:

[one waaay happy baby]

Return of the Star Empire

Oh no! The evil Darth Mom has our heroic rodent in her clutches again:

[Lyra as Minnie Mouse]

Fortunately Princess Lyra is rescued, and the Jedi master Dada is able to continue her training in the ways of the Force. Here he warns her of the lure of the Dark Side (and what a lure that would make, too!):

[Lyra faces a two-foot-long snake]

Oy, the nightmarish realism of the visions in that Place of Darkness beneath the tree! Whose face did she see, anyway?

[Lyra vs. the pumpkin head]

The Boss Zone

But in today's fast-paced world, even the skills of a Jedi aren't sufficient. Here Lyra trains for management:

[Lyra riding Dad and directing the lawn-mowing]

Lyra's been practicing those outdoor survival skills, too. Here she is in her designer lean-to:

[Lyra in her leaning tent-thing]

Check in next time for our feature presentation, The Abominable Snow Baby!

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