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Decisions, Decisions

Our Babe O' Maximal Cuteness is back, you betcha! And quite the update it is, too. (As before, previous pics are available via the link at the bottom of this page.)

October Stats

As of 28 October 1996, little Lyra is just over a year old and clocks in at 21.4 pounds (9.7 kg). She's grown another couple of inches, too, and is now just shy of two and a half feet tall (29.5 inches, 75 cm).

Uff Da

Apparently all of the decision-making in our last episode left little Lyra rather mentally wiped. Here she has deigned to appear in a family picture (sort of), but clearly she's a couple cans shy of a sixpack today:

[family portrait of sorts]

She recovered, though. Here she's applying her massive intellect toward solving one of the greatest imponderables of all time, food or sleep:

[Lyra pondering]

Looks like sleep won:

[Lyra peeking]

Sports? Movies?

For a while it looked like Lyra might take up a baseball career:

[Lyra in her cool baseball cap with Mom]

...but then she found out it might require exercise and dieting and other hideousness of that nature. The spark of hideousness stuck, however, as these never-before-seen images from her upcoming action flick, Lyra and the Giant Washing Machine, show. In this scene from the cutting-room floor, Lyra battles the evil and twisted UnderBasket of Clothos:

[Lyra vs. the Laundry Basket, Part I] [Lyra vs. the Laundry Basket, Part II]

You can see how she's screaming in agony as she tries to escape his vile clutches:

[Lyra vs. the Laundry Basket, Part III]

Tsk. Greg would never spoil the ending, but Lyra does face despair at one point:

[Lyra vs. the Laundry Basket, Part IV] [Lyra vs. the Laundry Basket, Part V]

Perhaps she'll earn those movie-star shades after all. Assuming she doesn't eat them first, that is...

The Great Imitator

Here's Lyra in Ronald Reagan emulation mode:

[Lyra looking dopey]

Add a little drool and she's got Dan Quayle down, too. Yuk yuk! But seriously, she is doing Einstein or Locke or Rodin's pal or one of those smart guys:

[Lyra's intellectual pose]

Good thing that finger's not up her nose, eh?


Believe it or not, Lyra finally learned locomotion just over a month after her hair actually started growing. Always the contrary gal, she picked the day after Greg left for SIGGRAPH to figure it out. Needless to say, Dad was none too happy about that...but he got even. Here's Lyra retracing her steps and mightily pissed off about it, after Dad forgot to get the camera ready the first time:

[Lyra going mobile...unhappily]

Fun fact of the day: babies drool when crawling around with their mouths wide open. Oopsie. Oh well, it wasn't Greg's carpet...

Another Movie?

As of mid-September, Lyra was busy auditioning for another role:

[The Abominable Snow Baby!  `Wha...?']

Could it be? Yes, you guessed it: a remake of that venerable horror flick, The Abominable Snow Baby! Tune in again in a few months to see whether she got the part!

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